Q1: Does Z5 make a Cargo Rack to fit my boat? A: Z5 builds cargo racks for many of the leading boat builders. The offering varies by make and model because each rack is custom designed and fit. The boat models that we do make a rack for are listed on the boat manufacturer pages. If you don’t see your boat listed you can email or call us to discuss your options.

Q2: Where do I buy a Z5 Cargo Rack? A: For current model year boats, Z5 Cargo Racks can be purchased through an authorized boat dealer. Go to the boat manufacturer’s link to find your local dealer. Select non-current Z5 models may be purchased directly from Z5.

Q3: How much does a Z5 Cargo Rack cost? A: The price of a Z5 Cargo Rack varies depending on the design. For current model year boats, contact your local boat dealer for pricing. Some non-current Supra, Moomba and MasterCraft designs are available directly through Z5. Visit the appropriate manufacturer's product page on this site to see pricing under the Technical Specifications section.

Q4: What is the weight capacity of the Z5 Cargo Rack? A: Z5 Cargo Racks are designed to carry up to three wakeboards or wakesurf boards, which may weigh up to 15 lbs each with bindings. It is recommended not to carry more than 60 lbs of equipment on the Cargo Rack.

Q5: Can I trailer my boat with the Z5 Cargo Rack on it? A: If your boat is a 2009 model or newer, then the answer is yes. Please refer to the warning label information on the rack.

A. Z5 Standard Models and Convertible Models have the following warning label. The warning label states: “To ensure safety while trailering, it is recommended to take the following steps:

1. Attach two front safety tie-downs.

2. Tighten rope ratchets on main canvas.

3. Remove cargo web with quick release buckles and store in boat.

4. Check security of ALL socket pins.

5. Remove ALL equipment from rack.”

If your boat is a 2008 model or older, then you must add the retrofit kit in order to trailer it safely. Retro kits are available. Please contact us with your boat year, brand, and model.

B. Z5 Convertible Models feature an additional warning label shown below:


Q6: How do I maintain my Z5 Cargo Rack? A: The canvas portion of the Z5 Cargo Rack is made out of premium-grade Sunbrella material. It should be washed with a mild biodegradable boat soap using a soft sponge to prevent abrasion and then rinsed thoroughly with water. The stainless steel and aluminum components should also be washed with boat soap, rinsed, and wiped down with a chammy or towel. A small amount of Chapstick can be applied to the ball and socket joints on the rear of the rack that are used to release the rack to tilt. This will allow the ball to slide easier into the plastic insert in the socket. Security of all pins and bolts should be checked on a periodic basis. Canvas should be kept tight by tightening the ropes on the underside of the rack. Two rope ratchets are located under a velcro flap. Tighten the rope ratchets to eliminate any stretch in the material. Be sure to remove the “cargo web” while trailering or it may cause excess wear on the main canvas. Thank you for taking pride in your Z5!

Q7: How do I get parts for my Z5 Cargo Rack? A: If you purchased your boat new from a dealer, they should be able to help you. Otherwise, click here for a parts list and contact us directly.