No matter how big your boat is there is never enough room for storing stuff. With that in mind we designed and built the Z5 Cargo Rack. Unlike other cargo racks, the Z5 tilts for easy access to wakeboards, surfboards and water toys. Its patented design gives you more room in the boat by getting cumbersome boards and tubes up and out of the way. That means there is room for more friends to ride comfortably.


 GOTTA HAVE A Z5! Think of the Z5 Cargo Rack as a roof rack for your boat, except that you never have to climb on the roof to get your stuff. Just pull two pins and the rack tilts down so you can load or unload your equipment while standing in the boat. It holds wakeboards, wakesurf boards, or that inflatable that always gets in the way.

The Z5 Cargo Rack is a must have, particularly if you have to trailer your boat to your destination or if you live on a large lake. Now you have a place for that tube that the kids love. Just put it up on your Z5 Rack and it's out of the way. After a great day at the lake, simply attach two “quick connect” tie-down straps for safe trailering and away you go!